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I don’t intend to upset anyone (with a few exceptions) because my focus is about revealing knowledge and interesting stuff and generally inspiring people to be creative and think for themselves.

Here are just a few of the topics you will find on this site: Utopian systems, psychology, philosophy …. and that’s just the beginning.

Perspectives on Age and Ageism

I officially became an “older person” on Sunday 12 February 2017 at 12 minutes past 5.00 AM on Canal Road, Chiang Mai. I was riding my bicycle and at this moment I witnessed the Chiang Mai University marathon in the darkness.

There were hundreds of students running the 26-kilometer course. Most of the participants were wearing the most expensive, fashionable and colorful clothes. Many of the students were monitoring their heart beats using the latest medical monitors attached to their arms.

Beautiful 20-something ladies with feathered  wings clipped to their backs were carrying balloons as they ran. I was witnessing a fashion parade which began at 4.00 AM. I detected many smiles but I was amazed by the effortlessness of their activity.

This was the day that I feel like an older being. I have been young, I promise, but on this day I had trouble remembering what it was like to be so beautiful, virile and carefree. Actually, I have never been a slave to fashion, so ‘bollocks’ to that – but I admit that I enjoyed the spectacle!